News About Members and others . . .

Charles Mount retired for several years from the Chicago Tribune, writes he is back in town and would like to know about CJA events. His mailing address is P.O. Box 441, Huntley, Il 60142, telephone number is 916/769-3390 and e-mail,

Susy Schultz tells the Daily News newsletter she will marry retired Chicago detective Jim Gillespie and they have a combined eight children, six grandchildren, three dogs and three children in college. She is teaching at Columbia College, freelancing and is consulting for the Small Newspaper Group where she had worked as editor of its Kankakee newspaper. Her father, the late Bob Schultz, was the Daily News city editor, who died a few days after telling your newsletter editor they will be seeing a lot of each other in the future. He was a director of CJA.

After many years of being editor of the Chicago Daily News Alumni Newsletter Marge and Bob Herguth are turning the job over to Jack Schnedler and Henry Kisor and they will make it an electronic newsletter. Kiser’s e-mail address is

Terry Savage has left the Sun-Times after 25 years as a financial columnist as the Sun-Times redefines its line-up of columnists.

Jack Taylor, a half- century television newsman with the top rated news program for a decade or more in Chicago says he misses having an audience. Taylor, who was the master of ceremonies at one of our Sarah Brown Boyden Award Dinners, told the Tribune “I like to talk and if they pay me I can talk even more.” His grandson told him “You’d never be a scuba diver, because you can’t talk anymore.” When he anchored the number one news show he worked with Jack Brickhouse, Harry Volkman and Len O’Conner. Taylor estimates he has done 50,000 interviews that include three with U.S. presidents. He now lives in Wisconsin, but does two minute segments at 5:50 p.m. on Saturdays on WDCB radio, 90.9 FM about working as a journalist.

The Daily Herald plans to increase its use of video and improve the way they present it, according to editor John Lampinen.

Tribune Editor Gerould Kern writes that the paper will expand its arts section to include video with a data base of live performances called Theater Loop Showcase. He said the newspaper also will have videos of what it records live in their own studio. The Tribune has a long history of excellent reviewers that includes former police reporter Dick Christiansen who has a theater named after him and by his body of work make Chicago the performing theatre of America.

Will County Circuit Court Judge has both fined and jailed Patch reporter Joseph Hosey for refusing to divulge his source of information involving a double murder in Joliet. Hosey’s wife, Janet Lundquist, is a reporter for the Sun-Times and Hosey formerly worked for the Herald-News in Joliet.

Rob Warden, 72, will retire shortly as executive director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions at the Northwestern University Law School. He was a Chicago Daily News reporter before joining the Chicago Lawyer doing investigative work. He called for a world conference on wrongful conviction that resulted in his current position. In retirement, according to the Tribune, he wants to work to end the death penalty nationwide and write a book about innocent people who were put to death.