South Carolina bill would require journalists to register with state; another concerns access to erectile dysfunctional drugs

This has got to be the Pitts!

A South Carolina lawmaker has proposed legislation that would require all journalists who wish to work for a news outlet in the state to sign up for a “responsible journalism registry.”  Another bill may make it difficult for men to get access to erectile dysfunctional drugs.

According to FoxNews, a summary of the registry bill was recently introduced requiring all South Carolina journalists to participate and pay a fee to be listed. The registry would be operated by the Secretary of State’s Office. The bill also would authorize “fines and criminal penalties” for violating the law.

Sponsored by Republican State Rep. Mike Pitts, he told the Post and  Courier newspaper that the legislation is linked to press coverage of gun issues. “It strikes me as ironic that the first question is constitutionally from a press that has no problem in demonizing firearms , “ Pitts said. “With this statement I’m talking primarily about the printed press and TV who have no qualms demonizing gun owners .”

Pitts, a former law enforcement officer, previously opposed removing the Confederate Flag from the Statehouse grounds.

The bill, which has been referred to a committee for debate, has virtually no chance of advancing ,according to the newspaper. Bill Rogers, executive director of the South Carolina Press Association, said he would lobby hard against the measure, which he found bizarre.

Bizarre? How about the bill proposed by State Rep. Mia McLeod several days later. The legislator proposed a bill making it harder for men to get access to erectile dysfunction drugs! She said the bill is intended to send a message about laws governing women’s health and access to abortion. Go figure.