Chicago Tribune Publishing promotes Bruce Dold once again

CJA 2015 ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ recipient becomes
editor and publisher
Bruce Dold

In a sweeping overhaul of its leadership, Tribune Publishing  announced Wednesday that it was combining the role of editor and publisher of newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Bruce Dold, who recently replaced Gerould Kern as editor, assumes the additional post. Last year, he was recipient of the Chicago Journalists Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

The reorganization comes almost a month after Chicago investor and technology entrepreneur Michael Fero, Jr took over as executive chairman and delivered a cash infusion of $44.4 million to Tribune Publishing.

The announcement eliminates the separate roles of publishers and is an effort to put that responsibility into the hands of editors who are familiar with their communities and able to maintain journalistic integrity while driving the business forward, according to Fero.